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SR2 & SR3 ExluLouvre® 2 & 3

Steel security louvres certified by LPCB to LPS 1175 Issue 7 Levels SR2 AND SR3
نظام فريد معياري تركيبي قابل للتكديس لإنشاء مجمعات يصل ارتفاعها إلى 5 أمتار.
Unique modular stackable system allows for construction of assemblies up to 5 metres in height.
خيارات بفلانشة وبدون فلانشة.
Flanged and non-flanged options.
A unique LPCB security rated stackable louvre system combining the strength of a fully welded construction with ease of handling and installation.
  • شيش حائز على تصنيفات الأمان - المستويات 2 -3 من LPS 1175
  • شيش حائز على تصنيفات الأمان - المستويات 2 -3 من LPS 1175
  • vent-tile


Boiler rooms
Refuse storage
Plant rooms
Generator rooms


  • Available with SR2 and SR3 security rating to LPS 1175 Issue 7.
  • Louvre blades welded into a formed side member.
  • No visible horizontal joins*.
  • Assembly height up to 5 metres*.
  • Modular lightweight sections each up to 2.5 metres wide*.
  • High visual impact.
  • Complements Sunray’s ExcluLouvre® Door SR2 & SR3 security rated louvred doorsets.
  • Anti-vermin mesh to rear.
  • Front face fixed top panel.
  • Demountable frame.
  • Sits within 100 x 50mm box frame.

* Assembly/sections may be bolted together to fit structure.


Flanged or non-flanged options.

Air flow

Approximately 42% free air.

Optional extras

  • Powder coating finish.
  • Demountable frame.
  • Blanking to rear in lieu of anti-vermin mesh.
  • Flanged front.


Zinc phosphate primer as standard or there is the option of a wide selection of powder coated colours from our own factory powder coating facility.



  • Modular, lightweight, stackable louvre panels with unique interlocking system.
  • Standard blade thickness is 2.5mm.
  • Pitch is 50mm.

Flanged and non-flanged options are available.


Flanged and non-flanged fixing details.


Blade profile and pitch


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Photo Gallery

Different colours available

We have a range of Standard Ral & BS4800 colours available, along with powder coating services for you to choose from.

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