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Ballistic Doors & Panels

Regardless of the application it is critical that any project requiring ballistic protection from FB1 to FB7 must meet the EN 1522 and EN 1523.

ExcluGrille® 3.
ExcluGrille® 3 detail.

The requirement for ballistic doors has increased dramatically over the past decade, and aligned with this are the varied and diverse applications we now see across the world from retail, finance and data protection to traditional sectors such as military, government etc.

As such the level of ballistic protection has also shifted, and we now see the assurance of ballistic protection becoming a relatively standard addition to core sectors of business. All of this is of course is dependant on the risk and needless to say the assurance required.

Ballistic Doors & Panels

Where we specify Ballistic Doors & Panels

Retail – Staff/Safe and Stock Rooms

Transport – Rail, including underground, Airport and Ferry Terminals

Police, Government and Military – Armouries, Ranges, Sensitive and Secure Building Environments

Embassy and Consulate – UK and Abroad

 Petrochem – UK and Abroad.

Specialist Home Protection

Sunray are renowned for their innovative engineering not only conforming to standards but exceeding them with tried and tested performance and third party accreditation.

Whilst the Sunray range of Ballistic performance is underpinned by rigorous and expertise testing, we ensure every Door or panel is built to exacting standards. However, as a traditional engineering business we retain our pride as true craftsman, which means every product is manufactured by an experienced team, not machine and who use their wealth of knowledge to satisfy the most extreme and demanding of project solutions.

As with all projects we offer a truly consultative approach and can provide advice and sensitivity for any given application.

Please Call us to discuss in confidence your requirement on 01233 656642

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Different colours available

We have a range of Standard Ral & BS4800 colours available, along with powder coating services for you to choose from.

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