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Commercial & Industrial Doors

Sunray SaverDoors form part of our extensive range of Commercial and Industrial doorsets all of which are bespoke and manufactured to customer specific requirement and application, providing an unparalleled cost effective project solution.

The SaverDoor range of steel doorsets have been designed to provide strong, lightweight and highly durable solutions to meet virtually all applications and project solutions.

SaverDoors provide cost effective performance without compromise to quality and are available with a number of options such as fire rating of up to 6 hours on a single leaf, and 4 hours on a double leaf, vision panels for light transmission and

ability to control access, louvered panels for ventilation as well as a powder coat finish in virtually any RAL colour. In addition a variety of locking options such as panic bar, single point or multipoint locking systems can be specified. The number of options enable diverse applications ranging from plant rooms to secure Retail/Entry and Exit including Fire escapes.

Saver Door

Saver Doors®

Sunray’s Steel Saver Doors are the most diverse product within the portfolio with options on Frames, Hinges, Locking, Vision, Solid or Louvered Panels and virtually any colour choice.

They represent unparalleled value and are a cost-effective Steel Door Solution with single, leaf-and-a-half and double leaf door options. Suitable for virtually any commercial or residential application they have a Fire rating from 4-6 hours dependent upon the door type.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Ventilated Doors


A Lightweight steel door-set incorporating a louvered panel within a single or double-leaf options. This range also has a louvered over panel which can be removed and removable threshold, for access when used in Substations or Plantrooms where heavy equipment may need to be installed or extracted and ideal for the protection and ventilation of utility areas within buildings where free air is a performance pre-requisite.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Heavy Duty Doors & Doorsets

Available as a single, multi leaf or Bi-Folding Doorset with configurational flexibility including overpanel. The Sunray Heavy Duty range is made from 6mm Steel plate and the doors are available as a solid panel or louvred option. We use maintenance free hinges as standard and can provide a number of locking and panic hardware options.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Louvred Doors and Doorsets

Designed for Airflow Sunray Louvre Doorsets are available as a single, multi leaf or Bi-Folding Doorset with various configurations and flexibility, including over panel options. This product range has anti-vermin steel mesh, is fully welded and can be integrated with the Sunray Stackable Lourve system. Ideal for Sub-stations, Plant Rooms, Transfomer Chambers, Pump Rooms, Oil Stores, Gas Cylinder Storage, Bin Stores etc.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Stackable Louvres

A unique interlocking, Stackable Louvre system that can be designed to suit a variety of structural openings including shaped apertures such as Arched, Angled or rounded. This product is design led and is often specified to meet aesthetic demand and building signature, without compromise to ventilation performance.

The unique feature of Sunray Stackable Louvre System is its ease of installation, seamless appearance and unlimited height of assembly subject to structural restrictions.

This product can also be used in conjunction with Sunray Louvre Doorsets to ensure a continuous theme where access is required.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Security Door and Louvre System


ExcluLouvre provides a key step up when airflow performance and a high level of security is required without compromise to building design or aesthetics.

Rated by the LPCB to LPS 1175 levels 2 and 3 respectively, the Exclulouvre system combines the strength of a fully welded system with no visible horizontal joins and secure within its own frame box section which can be specified for up to 5 metres in height.

The system can also incorporate an Exclulouvre Door to provide a seamless appearance between Louvre panel and Door, yet achieve optimum security.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Security Walling System


New from Sunray – ExcluWall

To meet growing design, security and performance demand for secure building access, egress and ventilation, Sunray has developed a new concept for building design.

ExcluWall is a “Steel Walling System” which comprises of Steel Louvred panels and integrated Door options. This concept provides incredible building security and resilience with strong airflow characteristics. The system is also officially security rated and approved by the LPCB to LPS 1175 levels 2 and 3.

The combination of product enables the customer to specify a range of integrated single leaf or double leaf doors options, configurations and locking options and naturally can be powder coloured in any RAL Colour to ensure both Door and Panels are a feature of the building or blend in seamlessly.

Due to the strength and rigidity of the system there is no limitation on the width of the system and can be specified up to 5 metres in height.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Plant Room Doors


Sunray consider each and every project on its own merit and will always take a consultative approach.

However with specialist applications such as Plant Room Doors, the considerations tend to be more detailed and therefore will often ensure more focus is put on the key elements such as Security, Ventilation, Access and performance. This will often narrow the specification down to a few product options, however provide confidence that the product is correct for the intended application.

Substation and Plant Room Doors

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Louvre Doors

Sunray Steel Louvre Doors are a range of ventilated Steel Industrial Door sets which provide solutions for a range of applications such as Sub-Stations, Plant Rooms, Transformer Chambers, Oil Stores, Pump Rooms, Gas Cylinder Storage and Refuse Bin Stores or compounds.

Available as Single, Double or Bi-folding configurations with the options of overpanel or side panel.

Commercial & Industrial Doors


The Ventadoor range from Sunray has a lightweight design, is corrosion resistant to withstand extreme weather or conditions with high humidity and a demountable frame which allows easy removal of the threshold, transom and overpanel and ease of access for the installation or removal of large plant. The Ventadoor range has a number of Locking options such as single or multipoint locking, panic bar with hasp and staple, or knob with Europrofile cylinder.

The use of standard components means that this product has reduced lead times in manufacture.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Heavy Duty Doors

With durability and strength as key features, the Sunray range of Heavy Duty Steel Doors are available as either a Single, Double or Bi-Folding leaf variants. The range offers either a plain or louvred panels option with various locking mechanisms.

The Heavy Duty Range uses 6mm steel plate as standard and maintenance free hinges ensuring an extremely durable and versatile product.

Commercial & Industrial Doors

Firelock Doors

Sunray’s unique Firelock Door has a four (4) hour fire rating and is manufactured to ensure exceptional integrity and strength. Whilst Firelock is one of the most robust products in the portfolio it is simple to operate and low maintenance. Internal Locking is available with a panic bar and 3 point locking, and external security uses the secure Sunray 6000 hasp and staple.

Due to the robust nature of this product it can be used in virtually all scenarios where high fire risk and therefore Fire resistance are paramount.