This range also has a louvered over panel which can be removed and removable threshold, for access when used in Substations or Plantrooms where heavy equipment may need to be installed or extracted and ideal for the protection and ventilation of utility areas within buildings where free air is a performance pre-requisite.

VentaDoor® single doorset.

VentaDoor® single doorset.

Double doorset with ventilated overpanel.

Double doorset with ventilated overpanel.

Lightweight industrial single and double leaf doorsets for the protection and ventilation of utility buildings.

  • vent-tile





Transformer chambers


Oil stores


Pump rooms


Plant and boiler rooms


Electricity utility rooms


Gas cylinder storage


Rubbish bin stores


  • Lightweight design making it easy to handle and suitable for remote locations.
  • Corrosion resistant to withstand extreme weather conditions or areas with high humidity.
  • Removable threshold and overpanel to allow access by large plant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • A range of applications.
  • Simple site assembly with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Lock options

Various locking features, including panic bars, are available and other extras such as door stays and closers can be fitted.


The demountable frame allows easy removal of the threshold, transom and overpanel to allow access for large plant. This also makes the VentaDoor® easy to install in areas with restricted access i.e. stairwells etc. Overpanels can be supplied as plain or louvred.


The strength and lightness of the VentaDoor® is achieved by manufacturing the door with a lighter gauge steel and using strategic folding techniques. Its lightweight design reduces the need for fork-lift transportation on site. Minimal space is required for storage.


The door leaf and louvre components are manufactured using Aluzinc®, a steel sheet material with an aluminium/zinc coating. This gives them a high degree of corrosion resistance. Aluzinc® can have a life expectancy of up to 20 years in most environments.

The nature of the coating means that the cut edges ‘heal’ and remain rust-free.
Welding is kept to a minimum to avoid the removal of protective coatings by the welding process. Added strength is given by the use of stainless steel rivets.
The demountable steel frame allows each component to be individually electro zinc plated which increases the corrosion resistance.

Composite construction

By using standard off the shelf components, the VentaDoor® can be offered with reduced lead times.

Door leaf

Thickness: 20mm
Material: Aluzinc®
Ventilation: Full length louvred panel giving 0.83 m2 ventilation with vermin mesh to rear.
Reduced Ventilation: High or low level blanking panels reduce ventilation whilst maintaining external visual appearance.
Finish: Powder coated to standard RAL or BS colour.
Hinges: Two heavy duty steel hinges per leaf.

Demountable frame

Material: Electro zinc plated steel.
Head: Flat on doors with overpanels, angle on doors without overpanels.
Jambs and Threshold: 40 x 40mm steel angle.
Transom: Removable transom for plant access (overpanel version).
Finish: Powder coated to standard RAL or BS colour.
Fixings: M8 sleeve anchors (supplied).

Structural opening sizes (mm)


Locking options

For single doorsets and active leaf of double door sets

* Standard hasp and staple gives a third locking point externally on the doorset.

* * These devices allow external locking but do not affect the panic exit function from within a building.

Installation and O&M guide can be viewed by downloading the PDF.

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Different colours available

We have a range of Standard Ral & BS4800 colours available, along with powder coating services for you to choose from.

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